GER UVC HK Portable 

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Mobile, portable, UVC is designed as a remote control to RF zero exposure.

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Special Product for Housekeeping Services

For disinfection room of hotels, hospitals, resorts, home, offices and classrooms etc.



Hotel Rooms

Hospital RoomsIntensive Care Units and Rooms


Office Rooms



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Depending on type of bacteria or virus, response to wavelength between 250 and 280nm can be different. More complex organisms need higher dose for inactivation.

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1 log = 90% bacterial inactivation 1

3 log = 99.9% bacterial inactivation 3

5 log = 99.9% bacterial inactivation 5

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Application time virus sterilization.

Virus distance from violeds 3cm

Time (min)

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COVID - 19 Before After UV Sterilization