GER UVC PJ Portable 

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Mobile, portable, UVC is designed as a remote control to RF zero exposure.

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It is placed at a suitable angle for the place to be sterilized or it is operated with RF remote control by focusing on the object to be sterilized.

Thus, the risk of users being exposed to UV beam is eliminated.

It will be sufficient to contact us now so that we can identify the product that suits your needs best and deliver it to you as guaranteed – in operation or produce new solutions that suit your needs.

There are also various designed models of the product operated by four alkaline batteries and remote control in order to prevent being exposed to UV rays.

The product is portable designed in order to be used in different areas and spaces.  After you locate the product in such a place that UV beam hits the environment or object to be sterilized, it is possible to operate it via the remote control and reach the aimed sterilization of %99,9 in 30 seconds.

The product is highly suitable for sterilizing any kind of goods bought or brought from outside, documents, toys, packages, clothes, inner space of vehicles used by somebody else, etc.

The portable design of the product provides targeted ability of usage on every kind of objects, places, etc. including travelling.




Conference halls

Marriage halls 

Concert saloon and areas

Conference, workshop and symposium halls

Waiting rooms and lounges



Anthracite Black




4 pcs. alkaline battaries or AC220V

via Remote Control


UV Diisinfection 275 nm

UVC Disinfection projector

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Depending on type of bacteria or virus, response to wavelength between 250 and 280nm can be different. More complex organisms need higher dose for inactivation.

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1 log = 90% bacterial inactivation 1

3 log = 99.9% bacterial inactivation 3

5 log = 99.9% bacterial inactivation 5

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Application time virus sterilization.

Virus distance from violeds 3cm

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Time (min)

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COVID - 19 Before After UV Sterilization